Our Little Story Towards Sustainability

There’s always more to do when you’ve committed to sustainability and a ton of things to learn and marvel. We work with weavers who develop unique natural fabrics from aloe-vera, banana, hemp, kenaf, bamboo, jute, and beechwood to name a few. 

Most of these fibres use little water to grow and do not require chemical pesticides or artificial fertilisers. The time it takes to process these special fibres into yarn is significantly lower compared to synthetic fibres which translates to reduced carbon emissions and electricity usage. 

These organic garments will go under a separate line under Abava to keep them distinct.

What staying sustainable means to us

It’s always in the little details, that’s our learning. Small ways to make your favourites from our studio last a little longer. When we asked ourselves if we can reduce wastage, recycle and even upcycle our garments, the solutions that presented themselves were simple and easily doable. And something we are keen on taking forward as our ethos at Abava.

  • Garments that grow a bit as your kids grow

    All our girls clothing and boys kurtas will come with enough fabric inside the side seam and the bottom hem to allow for making them looser or longer as the need may be.

  • Happy rewards for returning our products you’ve outgrown

    A small discount will be on offer on the next item purchased from us when you return an old one of ours. If the garment is still in usable condition you will receive a flat 10% discount on your next buy from us.

Why dispose when you can upcycle?

A small way to go sustainable and upcycle what you have outgrown into something for keeps!

Growth Allowance