Choose Your Look

You can customize any garment in more ways than one and the way to go about it is pretty simple. Look through the following options, order the garment you'd like customized, choose your customization options, and write to us with your order details for twinning options. This way or that, we'll make sure you and your loved ones look your best in our clothes.

Choose Fit for Men

The regular / traditional fit or a fit that is more tailored to your body shape? Pick the one that works best for you.

  • Regular / Traditional Fit

  • Tailored Fit

  • Slim Fit

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Choose Fit for Kids

No two kids are the same, then why should their fits be?  Boy or girl, what will it be - the regular fit or the petite fit?

  • Tailored Fit

  • Slim Fit

  • Tailored Fit

  • Slim Fit

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Choose Trims

That perfect detail to complete the look you want for yourself.

Option to customise the button colour and type

Choose Sleeve Length

Option to choose between full sleeve and half

Choose To Twin

When two want to make a single statement. Or just have fun! Pick an outfit and we’ll create a same yet different look for the two of you.