Our Story

Abava was born of a strong notion, a wish to find balance between design and sustainability.

Our fondness for a slower pace and relaxed silhouettes on one hand and traditional techniques on the other, along with the niggling question that why should a process conscious of the environment come with a hefty price tag was what led us here.

It helps to remember that before our forefathers turned into successful traders they were skilled and conscious artisans first. They were craftsmen who knew that natural clothing was easy on the skin, the purse and the environment.

At Abava, we blend our old ways with contemporary style to appeal to an evolving audience. Abava offers clothing with sartorial ethnic elegance and a westward hint for children, men, and women.

Organic silks of Meghalaya, Kalamkaris of Machilipatnam, Dabu-printed bamboo, and embroidered featherweight cottons have found their home in Abava. We work with artisans from across India and bring to you a range of hand woven, hand embroidered, hand dyed and block printed fabrics.

  • Our Vision

    Create a conscious market for sustainable fashion by creating awareness and increasing acceptance.

  • Our Mission

    To create an earthy, yet vibrant indo-western clothing line with ethical practices and sustainable methods. Make sustainable fashion available in designs, patterns and prices that commercial fashion is available at.

Our People

We are a small family with great passion. We look out for each other and step up to do whatever it takes.

  • Menaka Bapuji

    A product of NIFT, a trained naturalist and founder of Varnuyathe, a custom clothing brand started in 2015

  • Pushpavathi Shankar

    Pushpavathi was one of the first to be part of the Abava family, and before that of Varnuyathe too.  If you’ve admired a beautiful piece of embroidery or noticed some excellent hemming work it is highly likely to be one of hers. She is extremely committed and a pillar of support and also steps in as an accountant when required. Her role here is very versatile and she voluntarily takes on initiatives that include decorating the office with plants to packaging couriers. It can be said that she is hands on with everything here at Abava.

  • Muniyandi K

    Our in-house tailor at Abava, whose work and attention to detail is exceptional. His finishes in stitching and pattern work are flawless.  He has been with us from the early days of Varnuyathe, our parent brand which opened in 2016. Muniyandi is an extremely disciplined and meticulous person. He is the sole breadwinner in a family of four that includes his wife and two daughters. A man of few words who lets his work talk for him.

  • Muniyamma

    Muniyamma has been a part of our family for over 30 years now. Her transition from working as a house help for my grandparents to be the one in charge of workplace hygiene at Varnuyathe was effortless. Despite having two well-settled sons, she proudly chooses to work and stay independent. We adore her for her immense dedication and hardwork.